Samourai Tattoo 2

Zweiter Termin. Samurai Kopf nicht bei mir.

Samourai Tattoo 1

Samurai head not by me. Adding the body and background.違う彫師が以前手掛けたサムライの顔/頭から繋げる感じ。

Body suit

Zweiter Sitzung, mit einem cover-up
Bitte, klicken an diesen website “Menu”, dann “Tattoo Process”. Kannst Du gucken wie diese ganzen Arm entsteht war

Japanische Drache Projekt 3

Vorschlag für ganzen Rücken. Hoffentlich hast Du deine Traum Motiv gefunden ❤️

Whatever when it’s drawn, it’s always as a finished tattoo in mind. At least in theory it should flow and roll. In practice, it’s just another day struggling with pride. House and dreams, far apart; but side by side.


Hybrid Hannya Tatt’s 4

ca. Drei bis vier Stunden pro jeder Sitzung, wie immer 💪

I must/need write something for each post. Looking for inspiration on tattoo memes pages on IG doesn’t help that much. That said, let’s watch Scott Ian’s spoken words. Or should I stick to Joey DeMaio’s? Fuck the world, hail and kill⚔️

Well, screw it. One more photo of this back piece. You might be fed up, but I’m loving doing and posting it as much as I make you fed up😉 see you next time 👋🏿

Self service





One interesting idea from Mattias Westfalk ( our friend and photographer ) was the “self shooting”. Each one could choose whatever pose they wanted and click the switch on their own timing. Funny to see people’s approach for this experiment. I think it “mirrors” each one’s personality, etc.
Some took thousands of photos, while others, few. Some stood and still the most, while others jumped around ( literally )
I’m no expert in photography technically speaking. Can’t tell what is the shutter speeds, apertures and so on if I look onto a photo. But I love to imagine and “read” a story behind a photo ( specially portraits ) . I guess this shooting was sincere and honest. It was possible for many facts involved, but again; I would wish to each of you imagine and read the results.