Holy Rollerz of Heaven & Hell (The soundtrack)

Art in general is strongly connected with the environment. It evolves, mutates and transforms the self onto a new form. Always embracing the air and the surrounding landscape.
The human being always impatient for new discovers were the first one’s to cross high mountains and deep seas, not for the adventure; but for the search of unknown horizons.
Interesting is the fact that these ventures were not always faced with warm welcoming, but instead with fierce resistance and why not, cannibalistic evil thoughts.
Even knowing that history is made by the winners and made to suit the needs and deeds of the conquistadores, it still a certain amount of charm remaining after the storm.
Pagan and heathen cultures were, even forcibly switched to new views of decency; the few that could scratch the surface from time to time. Probably, for having a such strong cultural heritage directly connected with the local nature and landscape; were the one’s to always throwing the questioning of the new Gods forced upon them.

Recent history is just a repetition of these facts. As we see a new God raising in the middle east, replacing ancient beliefs and built over a glorious past.
The Indo- European culture is just a mirror of these facts we evidence in the new upcoming century.

Still, there’s always a form of resistance, or why not a integration of such alien beliefs and opinions.
Music is a huge example of transformation/ emulation.
Slaves brought to the America’s were the one’s that transformed their beliefs and dogmas in form of Southern Holy Rollers and such as Gospel music.

Beliefs were not replaced, but say; emulated and brought up to a different level.
By no means it would be labeled as a “losers” version of specific cultural genre or a scream of despair from the guts of the enslaved.
It is itself, with all the proper credits; a new form of cultural heritage by no means spiting on the way paved by the ancestors.

Such connotations can also be seem in the South America’s. Were traces of millenarian cultural heritages were vanished in a record time. All in name of Christianizing barbarian elements and erasing any trace of self esteem that were faced with fear when the first man arrived from Europe.

Interesting is that, differing from Gospel music let’s say; is the strong connotation with thy roots were not entirely vanished. But touches were added, such as strings brought by the new lords. A typical instrument unknown till them by the indigenous people.

In meantime in Europe and Scandinavian territory, the resistance also were perpetuated. Until recently lets say, many of ancient beliefs replaced or stolen by the Christians are being brought back as a new cultural revival.

And were do the tattoo places itself on these cultural storming?
Unfortunately we see a lot of micro-cosmos being created as a sub-genres of this marginal art.
Were the world “traditional” are replacing the rebellious statements of the popular, working class culture.

In a age were internet dictates the trends as a new God, information wise we’ve been extremely well located on space and time.
As for my own experience, for having a western cultural background as a Brazilian born immersed in the Latino culture and plus blessed by the blood of my Japanese ancestors, brings me a “neutral” view of both sides playing a strange music.

Were indeed both sides proclaim to be the holders of the torch, as myself; I just see it as very vulnerable myth that had been carried with no specific knowledge and most of all, passion.
Western man dressed in kimono, Japanese youngsters dressed in hip-hop clothes. This is not a mix. Is a very say, dangerous replacement of cultural heritages. Were the sign of alarm were a long time ago switched on.
Despite the efforts from both sides, it will just lead to cultural and why not to say, a suicide of a folk art.

Needles to say, like music it evolves, emulates and transforms. But all these are possible when the players themselves do realize that to do so, is necessary to throw away self imposed rules and the worst; the self censorship created.

I still persist in refusing. If my music will be played in a time to come, I am up to see it.
Maybe the angel’s trumpets will echo through the dark valleys of doom

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