Der Baku, Albtraum Verschlinger

As I posted yesterday, I will upload this project in particular without “editing” it.
It goes whatever way it comes out.
Obviously when I’m drawing, I putting my efforts on it. What I want to say here, is that each is a straight result expressed on what had gone through my head that day.
Sometimes it worked fine and smooth, sometimes I had things along the way to complete the piece.

I’m not just drawing or tattooing in between. There’s many tasks on a tattoo shop that need to be followed rigorously day by day. Cleaning work stations, checking up with customers, keeping an eye on things.
Depending how is the day, it surely will affect.

Growing day by day, needs care and attention from others. But also, the will to grow coming from the very one, is essential.
I had to write this one so I don’t forget it tomorrow

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