Kappa, „Fluss-Kind“ 2


As promised before, here’s the second version.
Usually when one’s see pictures of Japanese tattoos/ Icons, is faced with those warrior-like figures or monsters in full action ready to chop-off some poor dudes head.
Yes, it is appealing. Right when you have all the testosterone burning strong in your puberty, nothing is more than timely.
But if you slowly start to pay attention, you realize there is much more charm and style behind all the seriousness than the horishi (tattoo artists in Japanese) wants you to swallow.

Well, I personally like to add some kind of humor (read sarcastic, sometimes) to the images. When people take too hard on things, it’s when predominantly things faces to the boredom and “killing it” so to speak.

A bit of smile doesn’t hurt when we speak of tattoos 😉


否定されても僕は笑いながら飯を食い続けます。。。buenas noches

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